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Want to know who's in line for Tokyo 2020 athletics qualification? Find live world ranking lists here that includes only the top 3 athletes per country, providing quick and accurate insight into qualifying spots for each event.

NOTE: Please allow some time for the list to load when clicked!

NOTE: Please allow some time for the list to load when clicked!

About this site

For athletics in Tokyo 2020, there's an automatic qualifying time for each event but it has been made much harder than for previous games. Outside of the most dominant countries, many athletes will seek to qualify based on the other way in -- via world ranking. Each event has a designated number of athletes and if the athlete either runs the automatic qualifying time or ranks inside the allocated number of athletes at the cut-off date (early July 2020), they will have earned their place*.

The offical world rankings lists don't actually take account of the 3-athletes-per-country limit for Tokyo (a limit that applies to nearly all major track & field championships) which means you'd have to manually count all the athletes per country across the multiple pages etc. to figure out where each athlete stands in terms of qualification. The lists on this site are based on the same live data from the world rankings but with this 3-athletes-per-country limit applied so it's a clearer view of the qualification line up.

* Final selection is always subject to nomination by the governing body of each respective country, but for countries where more than 3 athletes have achieved the qualifying criteria (ie. via either automatic time or ranking), final selection would then be based on the domestic criteria in that particular country. As a result these lists are mainly for the purposes of guidance and should not be interpreted as either official or definitive by any means. The official qualification criteria document should be referenced for this and can be downloaded here.